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Dawn Venturas

Long Term Athlete Development

Success is Long Term

Some swimmers will journey all the way, some only part of the way, but all will have the best chance of reaching their full potential if they are treated as individuals.

It is important that within the competitive programme, individuals can compete in events appropriate to their stage of development and talents. These are reflected in the different formats for competition at county, regional and national levels, and alsoin the levels of licensed meets.

This helps to ensure that the coach can select levels of competition appropriate for their swimmers. There are five stages, which can be used to describe growth and development.

These equate to the five stages of the LTAD framework for swimming:
FUNdamentals - Childhood
SwimSkills - Late Childhood
Adulthood FUNdamentals
Training to Train - Adolescence
Training to Compete - Early Adulthood

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