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Dawn Venturas

My Philosophy

The swimming environment is predominantly a social one therefore, there is an appropriate mix between co-operative tutoring and competitive experiences. The athlete is influenced by their environment and group acceptance.

Participation in classes are safe, fun, friendly with an emphasis on positive motivation, commitment, fairness, discipline and quality.

Specific timeframes are used to monitor progress and evaluate success. The smarter goal setting principle is used - specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, timephased, exciting and recorded. ..Each child receives a certificate badge and evaluation at the end of their 10 week programme.

Adult and child foundation programme:
Early speclialisation within lessons which are colourful, lively and innovative incorportating the use of toys, flotation aids, songs and structured play. Aims are water confidence and intrduction to swimming structure.

Specific lifesaving objectives such as underwater swimming, buoyancy and returning to safety, in a relaxed manner instills confidence in both adult and child. Fundimental movement skills such as floating, submerging travel and skill aquistion provide clear challenging learning outcomes.

Learn to swim stage:
Children are fully equipped with confidence, a mastery of the basic prone and supine floating, submerging as well as the understanding of coaching process. They are ready to begin their long term aquatic development with gives them the life skills to participate in the water with dignity and independence, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Learn to train:
Coaching is focused on achieving goals that providie the athlete with opportunities for personal growth and development ultimately leading to their independance.

Swimmers are motivated to learn, empowering them with a greater understanding and retention of both skills and practices, resulting in self awareness and self sufficiency. Entry to this stage is a combination of maturity and competance.
My Achievements:
ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIC SQUAD Women's Int. Field Hockey (Greece) (2000 04)
U21 Scottish Midlands Field Hockey (2001 2002)
Zimbabwe U18 International Field Hockey (1995 -1997)
Welsh Field Hockey Club CHAMPIONS (2005)
Welsh Universities Women's Waterpolo (2005)
Dubai Women's Softball Middle East (2012-2014)

My Qualifications:
2.1 BSc (HONS) SPORTS COACHING University Of Wales Institute Cardiff (2002 2005)

RLSS National Pool Life guarding Qualification 2016
LEVEL 1 COACHING Aquatics 2015
RLSS NRASTC (National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches)
INFANT CPR and 1st Aid Life Support (AED) 2015
Swimming Teachers Association & Surf Live Saving Pediatric First Aid
Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Child Protection Certificate
ASA Adult & Child Water Activities Instructor (Level 2) 2005
ASA Full Swimming Teaching Qualification (Level 2) 2003
Welsh Field Hockey Umpire 2004
FA Football Level 1 2004
Welsh RFU Level 1 2003
ASA Assistant Teacher Level 1 (2000)
RLSS DISTINCTION & Life Support 3 1999
RLSS Award Of Merit & Life Support 2 1999
RLSS Bronze Medallion & Life Support 1 1998
British Community Sports Leader Award 1998

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